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Insurance rates surge on disasters

Catastrophe damage leads to rate hikes

2011 was a year of natural disasters in the United States, leading home underwriters, such as Allstate Insurance, to raise rates for consumers.


Technological Distractions

Americans Believe Technological Distractions Result in Poor Driving

According to the new MetLife Auto and Home American Survey Pulse Poll, 85 percent of Americans said that cars are safer today, but just 29 percent think technology promotes safer drivers and almost 63 percent think current drivers are too reliant on technology feature to operate their vehicles.


Rental Cars and Unauthorized Drivers

An insured called to advise that he was on vacation and renting a car in his name. He has a 19-year-old who he understands cannot drive the rental car by requirement of the rental car company. However, he is planning on letting the 19-year-old drive the car anyway. His question is:

Will his personal auto respond?


Rental Car Coverage: Is It All The Same?

Rental contracts are changing all the time, and differ by rental car company. How can you be sure your policyholders are going to be covered in the event of a loss?


Good Investments

Battery tester | Cost: less than $1
Cold weather can cut the life of a battery in half. Drivers should use a battery tester to check the health of their battery to make sure they won't be left stranded out in the cold.


Kitchen Oil Fire

This is a dramatic video (30-second, very short) about how to deal with a common kitchen fire ....oil in a frying pan. Read the following Introduction, then watch the show ...It's a real eye-opener!