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I have recently completed a purchasing survey for my auto, home and umbrella insurance requirements and I thought that I would share the results with you should you be interested in doing the same.

As a starter, I predetermined that I wanted to deal with an insurance agency where I could have a personal relationship.  I know that by purchasing insurance on the internet that you can bypass the middle man and get the lowest cost, but I have always highly valued service and personal relationships.

I requested quotations from seven different agencies.  I disqualified one agency prior to quotation, two never responded to my request and four agents submitted a combined total of seven different quotations.  I received quotes from agents for Safeco, Central Insurance, State Farm, Travelers, The Hartford and Pekin Insurance.  FYI, Geico was one of the agencies that failed to respond.  While this was not an exhaustive review, I do feel that it was representative.

As near as possible, all of the quotes were for the same level of coverage.

Price was not the only criteria for my decision process and I very heavily weighed customer service (poor customer service was the reason I disqualified one agency before they issued a quote).  I have had superior support and service from my current agent for more than fourteen years and when their quotation was within $20 of the lowest competitive submission that made the decision quite easy. 

My current agent is Karen Nobles of Valley Insurance Agency (630-232-1640) Their address is 422 E. State St., PO Box 231, Geneva, IL 60134.

If you are considering re-evaluating your personal property and casualty insurance, I would highly recommend that you give Karen a call.



Greg Traphagen


Dear Mr. Hard,

We would like to take this opportunity to commend the staff for the wonderful customer service and extensive knowledge Valley Insurance has given us. Bob and I have been extremely happy with the service we have received.

Whenever we have a question or need assistance, you and your staff have responded quickly and efficiently with our restaurant needs in a timely manner.

We would truly like yo acknowledge you and your staff for a job well done.

Thanks You,
Bob and Jeanette DiPasquantonio
Urban Grille


Gordy Hard is a great inspiration. He is still as passionate about Valley Insurance maybe even more so today than he was 30 years ago. It is that passion that makes his firm the best choice for your insurance needs. How do I know…?

It was 1980. I was a young man who along with my wife, had planned to open our first restaurant a 3,000 square foot facility, Ristorante Chianti, Geneva, IL. We had been approached by many insurance companies, but one young man who had recently ventured into his own business endeavor assisted by his wife, came better prepared than anyone else. When Gordy Hard presented me with his analysis of my insurance needs, I was totally impressed. I asked many questions and he had an equal number of answers.

When I gave the news to the other insurers that I had chose Gordy Hard and Valley Insurance, all of the others said the same thing “It’s a new company and he has no track record.” I simply replied “Thanks for the advice, but he seemed to really understand my business, my needs, had made the best presentation, had answers to my questions, and was reasonably priced.” And by the way didn’t they notice I, too, was a new company with no track record?”

Well, it is 2010. I am no longer a young man… my wife and I are in our 6th restaurant venture, all of which had Valley Insurance. We have grown from renting a 3,000 square foot facility to owning land, building and business in a 72,000 square foot facility, known as Walter Payton’s Roundhouse, Aurora, Il. We have been here 15 years, and yes the other not so young man whose wife still assists him, continues to visit us. We discuss my insurance needs (which are somewhat more complicated than my original policy in 1980). I still have questions… he still has answers… and his preparation and presentations are still far superior to any other agents who are still trying to get our business, 30 years later.

Scott and Pam Ascher
America’s Historic Roundhouse


Dear Gordie and Kathleen,

I truly want to thank you for all of the assistance you have helped me with after the death of my husband with insurance issues with KCA Financial Services, which I have taken over.   Your staff kept me updated on all of my policies, and when I needed answers they immediately called back.  Valley Insurance made my transistion to a business owner very simple.   My heartfelt thanks to all of you.



I have been with Valley Insurance Agency for 15 years and have always been extremely satisfied with their service and commitment to small business.  As a local shop owner, insurance can be an inconvenience to deal with, but Gordie and Co. make the task smooth sailing!

Gordie and Kathleen and the Valley Insurance group are also incredibly active in the community and are always willing to lend a hand.  Two thumbs up!

Sherie McGowan


It has been a pleasure working with Valley Insurance Agency over the last twenty years or more.  The service is excellent and we are happy to work with a local business that also contributes to the community with time and dollars.

Jean Gaines, President
Geneva Chamber of Commerce